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Based in South West London, Chelsea Bridge Apartments specialises in high quality construction and property maintenance.

High quality London floor installation

Chelsea Bridge Apartments has a high degree of expertise, along with huge experience, in supplying and installing flooring to both commercial and residential property.

Our flooring team are equally capable of installing flooring in multi-unit residential or commercial developments, large area commercial buildings, or private homes.

In each case, we can advise on suitability and selection of suitable floorings, carry out any clearance, repair or preparation work required, and then lay the new floor to exacting standards.


Flooring installers in London

We install all common flooring types, but we have particular expertise in:

  • Engineered wooden flooring

Quality engineered wooden floors are made up of multi-layer boards, fitted together using proprietary ‘click-together’ or tongue and groove systems which make them easier and faster to lay than natural hardwood floors.

Each board is typically constructed with core layers of plywood and hardwood (usually oak or walnut), topped with a veneer, of varying thickness, of a decorative hardwood.

The floors are ideal for both domestic and commercial use, and are available in `wide range of woods, colours and finishes. Top veneer is usually thick enough to allow future renovation.

Our flooring team are expert in preparing subfloors, laying underlay and then installing engineered hardwood to deliver domestic or commercial floors that are both beautiful and practical.

  • Hardwood flooring

We install solid hardwood flooring to both domestic and commercial property. Our installers have the skill and expertise to install both plain (plank) floors, and ornate pattern hardwood block floors.

While solid hardwood can be difficult to tell apart from quality engineered flooring, it does allow for greater resanding in the future.

  • Metallic epoxy flooring

We have great experience in preparing and installing metallic epoxy flooring, which is both highly impressive and durable for commercial use, and creates a spectacular impression for domestic entrances or other showcase spaces.

It is particularly suited to commercial work and hospitality spaces.

Metallic epoxy floors have a ‘marble-like’ appearance, with mica nano-particles coated with various organic and inorganic pigments creating pearlescent and iridescent effects within a clear epoxy (or on occasion clear polyurethane) binder. The resulting floor, reflects light with a shine and sparkle that are both appealing and dramatic.

We supply and fit all types of carpeting, for both residential and commercial use.

Whether you’re recarpeting your home, a multiple unit residential development, or require contract carpeting of large commercial spaces, we can advise on and supply suitable carpet, and carry out all preparation and fitting.