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Based in South West London, Chelsea Bridge Apartments specialises in high quality construction and property maintenance.

Expert heating and cooling system installation throughout London.

Chelsea Bridge Apartments are expert Heating and Cooling system contractors, with wide experience of installing and commissioning systems in residential and commercial developments throughout London.

With our own, specialist team of expert heating and cooling engineers, we carry out installation and commissioning on:

  • Electric underfloor heating

  • Gas powered underfloor heating

  • Central heating

  • Ducted air conditioning

  • Ductless air conditioning systems

We are equally experienced in the installation and commissioning of all systems at the levels of single-dwelling, multi-unit apartment blocks (including those with hundreds of flats), and commercial developments including offices, residential care homes and retail and leisure units.


Heating System Installers in South London

As a full service construction company, our heating system specialists work alongside our electricians, plumbers, gas fitters, joiners and screed layers, ensuring efficient and expedient completion of each project.

Whether on new-build development, or retro-fitting as part of a conversion or refurbishment, we plan and carry out all preparation works to the highest standard, paving the way for a trouble free installation and commissioning.

We are experienced in the installation of all major brands of underfloor and central heating.

If we are sub-contracted to install and commission heating only (ie where another contractors is managing the main contract), we work in close liaison with all other parties, ensuring that the heating contract is completed efficiently and without inconvenience to other teams.

Air conditioning installers in South London

We install and commission both ducted and ductless air conditioning systems in new-builds, conversions and refurbishments of all sizes.

We undertake these installations both as part of full projects which we are managing, and as sub-contractors.

Similarly, we are always pleased to retro-fit residential air conditioning systems for private homeowners and landlords.

Expert advice on heating and cooling systems

If you are a developer, homeowner or property professional requiring technical expertise relating to the specification or installation of central heating, electric or gas powered underfloor heating or ducted or ductless air conditioning, please get in touch with Chelsea Bridge Apartments.

We’ll be delighted to discuss your plans and offer any assistance we can.