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Based in South West London, Chelsea Bridge Apartments specialises in high quality construction and property maintenance.

Roofing installation and repair

We offer a comprehensive service for the construction, upkeep and repair of roofs to both residential and commercial property throughout London.

The Chelsea Bridge Apartments team is made up of highly experienced roofers who are conversant with both the best of modern day roofing systems and technologies, and with the techniques required to upkeep the many kinds of traditionally constructed roofs to be found across the capital.

Renovations and repair to domestic roofs

We are able to carry out high quality repair work to both pitched and flat domestic roofs.

We will always advise on the most appropriate course of action. Our practice is always to repair where a roof is in serviceable condition, but we will advise refurbishment where we find a rood that has come to the end of its effective life.

We use the highest quality timbers, insulation, membranes, mineral felts, tiling and slates at all times, ensuring that the work we carry out meets energy efficiency standards, as well as providing years of trouble free service.

Roof installation in London

We install and maintain almost all contemporary roofing systems to both commercial and residential property. This includes fiberglass (GRP), liquid rubber, aluminium and zinc roofing.

We act both as independent roofing contractors, and as roofing sub-contractors for developers and lead contract holders.

  • Aluminium and Zinc roofing installers

We are experts in the installation of factory-coated aluminium roofing of all kinds. This type of roofing maintains its colour and surface characteristics extremely well throughout its life, making it perfect for use on steep-slope roofs where the roof pitch is particularly visible. The wide range of available coatings also lead to virtually maintenance-free performance and longevity.

  • Zinc roofing installers

Our roofing team has lot of experience in installing Zinc roofs. Zinc is non-corrosive (making it a popular choice for protecting steel elements) doesn’t fade and remains maintenance free throughout its life under normal conditions, making it extremely popular with developers and architects alike. It’s appearance weathers attractively with age and, with 100%-clear water run-off, it’s also environmentally friendly.

  • Fibreglass roofing installers

Fibreglass (GRP) is a versatile and cost effective option for roofing in a wide variety of commercial and residential construction, and Chelsea Bridge Apartments has substantial experience and expertise in its installation. The material is highly durable, creating a seamless roofing layer (then covered with a durable topcoat) through which water cannot penetrate. It’s also highly versatile, its moldability during the application process making it perfect for fitting, and forming seals, around roof lights, light wells and other objects.

  • Liquid Rubber roofing repairs

Liquid rubber is an elastomeric membrane. It bonds to existing roofing materials, eliminating the need for their removal, and so is ideal for a wide range of waterproofing and repair tasks. It is also useful for encapsulating asbestos roofing materials. The Chelsea Bridge Apartments roofing team are experienced in the application of a wide range of liquid rubber formulations suited to small-area and repair tasks of all kinds.